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Report of the mission in « La ciudad de los ninos », February 2010


We have just come back from our first mission in La Ciudad de los niños. Everything went well thanks to Brother Hugo Morales (head of the orphanage) who welcomed us and helped us with processes this week.This trip was very useful, not only in the financial assistance, but also in the way we discovered the place (La Ciudad de los niños and shantytowns): we had to do it so as to grasp its organization, in order to be able to set an assistance program for the next mission.

First, our report will deal with the structure of the orphanage. Indeed we have spent the first part of our trip visting La Ciudad de los niños to understand the way it works.

Then we will mention the children’s life in La Ciudad and their group work set up by Brother Hugo Morales.

We will also present the outcome of the financial help we have provided the orphanage with, listing what we have bought precisely.

We will eventually hint at the emergency triggered by the shantytowns’ situation. Most of the children of the orphanage come from these towns. Our next mission (July-August 2010) will be aimed at helping the poorest families living there, while going on assisting La Ciudad. All this work will be done through Brother Hugo Morales.

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1) Structure et fonctionnement - Structure and functionning - Estructura y functionamiento - Struttura e funzionamento.
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2) La vie des enfants - The children’s life - La vida de los niños - La vita dei bambini.
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3) L’aide du Ballon rouge - Help from the Red Balloon - La ayuda del Ballon Rouge - L’aiuto del Ballon Rouge.
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4) L’urgence des bidonvilles - Urgencia en el barrio de chabolas - L’urgenza delle bidonville.

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