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2. Passed missions

Report of the mission in « La ciudad de los ninos », February 2010

We have just come back from our first mission in La Ciudad de los niños. Everything went well thanks to Brother Hugo Morales (head of the orphanage) who welcomed us and helped us with processes this week.This trip was very useful, not only in the (...)

1) La Ciudad de los niños’s structure and functionning

A. Its Structure Arriving in La Ciudad de los niños we were shocked at how great ans organized the building was. Stretching on 20 ha, the oprhanage welcomes 330 children (from 3 to 18) divided into 9 houses depending on their ages. These 9 (...)

2) The children’s life within La Ciudad de los niños

A. Having a zest for life The children’s joy of living is the first thing that struck us when we discovered the place.We understood it better after visiting the shantytowns where they are coming from. The misery, the poverty can be escaped by (...)

3) Help from the Red Balloon to La Ciudad de los niños

A. Purchases from the Red Balloon for La Ciudad We spent about 6000 euros for this first mission. _ List of the medecines bought: 40 Ibuprofeno 100mg/5ml x60ml 80 Amoxicilin 250mg/5ml x60ml 40 Dicloxacilina 250mg/5ml x60ml 4 Alcohol (...)

Peru and the Ciudad de los niños

Why Peru?

4) The slums’ urgency

Most of the children of the Ciudad de los niños come from the slums of Lima, also called « pueblos jovenes ». These slums were created around 1960 when the population of the Amazone woods emigrated to Lima running away from terrorism and poverty. (...)